UoB – Master of Business Administration (MBA) Top-Up

Awarded By

This degree is awarded by the University of Bolton and distance delivered by WINC

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Mode of Study

Full Time, Online Delivery with Scheduled Lectures

Credit Value

80 Credits


3 Modules


Assignments for each module with live oral presentations


Study Materials/E-library


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Top-Up qualification is a full-time career development programme for individuals with management experience. It focuses on strategic business challenges and leadership growth in any field. The programme develops strategic thinking skills, critical knowledge of organisations, and creative approaches to understanding business issues and improving practices. It equips graduates with sought-after analytical and critical thinking abilities.

The MBA Top-Up programme provides a supportive postgraduate community for aspiring executives. Experienced staff from business and academia deliver teaching and supervision. Access to a research and study skills module enhances learning. With an MBA Top-Up qualification, graduates can address complex organisational challenges and pursue successful leadership and management careers.

About University of Bolton

The University of Bolton, based in Bolton, United Kingdom, is an esteemed institution dedicated to delivering excellence in education. With a rich history spanning over 190 years, the university is renowned for its rigorous academics, innovative teaching methods, and emphasis on practical skills development.

The University of Bolton prepares students for their future careers by offering globally recognised programmes and a curriculum designed to meet industry demands. With a focus on practical learning and real-world applications, students graduate equipped with the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.

Entry Requirement

You must have both of the following;

  • Significant work experience in a business or management capacity;
  • And a HE Level 7 qualification with at least 100 credits (minimum) in a relevant subject (for instance, Postgraduate Diploma in Management, ATHE Level 7 Diploma, Pearson DMS or similar such qualifications from accredited qualification awarding organisations).

If English isn’t your first language you’ll also need IELTS 6.5 with normally no less than 6.0 in any band (or equivalent). You may be required to attend an interview and/or provide a portfolio of work. When applying you must include a reference from your current employer, clearly stating how long you have been employed and give a breakdown of your job content and roles and responsibilities.

How Students Study

Learning and teaching methods apply a blended style. This may include lectures, seminars, tutorials and critiques, self-directed learning, e-learning and laboratory/workshop sessions, as well as online sessions and support. Practical skills are acquired through technical introduction and support, workshop sessions, demonstrations and activity-based assignments. Active learning is promoted with a strong practical theme, throughout.

Qualification Structure

The following modules will be covered in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Top-Up degree course, carrying a total of 80 credits.

This module delves into global leadership and management, encompassing social, cultural, political, and economic aspects. You'll explore traditional and modern leadership, study diverse management styles, and assess your own leadership skills, focusing on Influence, Critical Self-Management, and Skills Mastery.

This module prepares you for your dissertation by assisting you in creating a research proposal, developing research objectives, and choosing appropriate research methods. It also covers topics such as research context, conceptual frameworks, and ethical considerations. 

The dissertation entails extensive research, synthesising MBA knowledge, and critically discussing international management topics. It follows the research methods module, requires feedback incorporation, data gathering, synthesis, and conclusion drawing with your supervisor's guidance.

Career Progression

MBA graduates can expect to gain a high level strategic approach to business decision making, enhanced leadership capabilities and an adaptable approach to changing business environments. As well as assisting those who are interested in career progression and career change, employment can be expected at consultancy and management level, it can also be useful for individuals considering self-employment.

An MBA is often a route to promotion or a career change. Companies in every industry around the world seek out business and management professionals with an MBA. Every business, from tiny start-ups to large companies, need someone with experience and the necessary education to support common business processes like accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, public relations, sales, and management.