Isaac Augustus Ogoe

Human Resource & Industrial Relations Consultant at P2W GHANA LTD

“Earning an MBA from UK GB is the dream of most Professionals because of its global recognition. The Western International College of London makes it even affordable, yet with the high quality that UK education is known for globally.

The Administrative Staff are proactive as well as swift with accurate responses to queries, and the lecturers are experienced with passion for the work they do. They bring a dynamic touch to the taught and research experience for students hence virtual lectures feel as good as that of a classroom.

I am super excited that the college made it possible for me to pursue a British MBA from the University of Bolton”.

Isaac Augustus Ogoe
Human Resource & Industrial Relations Consultant at P2W GHANA LTD

Picture- Isaac.Ogoe

Umar Bin Uzair

MBA – Distinction holder

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“I have had taste of WINC for a year during my MBA degree (Distinction Holder) . As we rightly say in business studies that tangibility of the “services” lines in the moment of truth when customer ( pupil here) meets the staff ( employee). This holds true for WINC where I could experience very friendly, accommodating and professional staff in shape of V.P. , coordinators and world class faculty. WINC has been serving as premium medium of exchange between University of Bolton and students’ body. A niche well identified and served by WINC Team. Kudos.”

Liezel Cuerdo

BSc (Honours) Business Management – Upper Second Class Honours

“The overall experience I had with University of Bolton WINC was first-rate as I was molded, pushed to be more beyond my capabilities as student and they taught us with passion and of course with extra patience. At first, my only desire is to pass the whole semester without any expected rewards. However, with the help of University of Bolton WINC, who would have thought that I would get a reward? Oh, and yes, they teach us to be more confident as well and they never failed to motivate us whenever we’re feeling down because of our unsatisfied paperwork results. This may sound cliche but all I can say, and advice is just believe in yourself and you will get there. Whenever you’re struggling at everything and don’t know whatever you should do next, the tutors are open arms to help, guide, and teach you not just in academic matters but as well as in your life.”


Mandeep Singh

BSc (Honours) Business Management – First Class


“I have to say a big thank you to every one at University of Bolton and WINC who were involved in the process to help me with completing my degree. This helped me land a job at an investment bank as soon as I graduated. Me and my family are really proud of this achievement and the beginning of a career I have always dreamt of. Thank you for giving me this opportunity for continuing education.”

Reverend Alberta Bentum-Ahiadekey

MBA Graduate

I had a great time at the University of Bolton. I had space to accomplish my aim and felt at home. It’s uncommon to see tutors give students the kind of individualized attention that they did.

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