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Cancellation and Refund Policy

Western International College (WINC) deliver programmes with the permission and licensing of UK Universities and other Awarding Institutions. This policy applies to all programmes and is designed to give students ample opportunity to consider the terms and conditions of enrolment and sets out the right of cancellation. 

In all cases of approved refunds, WINC will make the refund using the same means of payment as used for the initial transaction and the money will be sent to the same person or organisation who made the initial payment to WINC.

Student Liability for Course Fees

All students are liable to pay course fees and any other related fees associated with a course of study. When a student accepts the WINC Conditions of Enrolment it signifies and forms their acceptance of personal liability for ultimate payment of all fees incurred for each academic year he or she studies at WINC, whether invoiced or not, even if it is intended that these will be paid by someone else, e.g. Recruitment Agent, Employer or a Sponsor. 

Any student who has not enrolled but attends a course of study will be deemed to have accepted the WINC Conditions of Enrolment by way of conduct from the date on which they first attended and be liable to pay course fees and any other related fees associated with that course of study.

Cooling Off Period

At enrolment, a student is liable to pay tuition and WINC agrees to provide educational services. New students are entitled to cancel this contract, without reason, any time up to 14 days after first enrolling on their course of study. To exercise this right to cancel, a student must inform the Registrar within 14 days of the enrolment or the first date of attending classes, whichever is the earlier. 

Where the student informs the Registrar within the cooling off period (14 days), a full refund of the course fees will be provided. The refund will not exceed the total amount paid by the student in the case of scholarship or discounts. 

In the event that a student does not cancel his/her enrolment within 14 days after enrolment then the student will be deemed to have read and accepted the Conditions of Enrolment and will be liable to pay WINC full tuition fees for their course for the academic year.

Course Cancellation

If WINC are forced to cancel a course due to unforeseen circumstances. This will be communicated immediately to the student. 

Where possible, the student will be offered an alternative programme of the same subject and level. If the student is not satisfied with the offer, the student will be entitled to a refund of any payment made for which they cannot gain academic credit. 

For example: If the student enrols on a 3 year Bachelor’s Degree and the course is withdrawn at the start or middle of Year 3, the student will receive a refund of Year 3 fees. They will receive academic credit for Years 1 & 2 as well as any awards which can be issued at that point.

Students Permanently Withdrawing from a Course (after the cooling off period)

Students have a right to withdraw from their course of study including in circumstances when WINC makes a change to the course of study which adversely affects them such as content or title of the programme. Students who withdraw are permanently terminating their registration and enrolment with WINC and their contract with WINC will cease. These students will only be re-admitted through the normal application and admission procedures. Students who withdraw from WINC have no automatic right to be re-admitted to the Course. 

Refunds will be calculated depending on the time spent on the programme to date. Where the student withdraws from the programme within the first semester of study and prior to submitting work, the student will receive a 50% refund of course fees. 

If the student leaves having completed one semester they will not be entitled to a refund for that year of study. 

This is calculated on the basis that within the first semester, all Awarding Institution fees would have been paid by WINC on behalf of the student for registration, exam fees and access to online resources etc. 

Where a student withdraws after the cooling off period, WINC will refund no more than 50% of the annual course fees.

Student Temporarily Suspends Study

In exceptional circumstances, students may wish to temporarily interrupt their studies; this is referred to as a ‘suspension of studies’. Students do not have the right to suspend their studies; suspension of studies must be approved by the Awarding Institution as dictated by the relevant procedures. 

Students must, however, complete their course within a period of twice the normal duration of the course including any time suspended from studies. E.g. for a one year course, the course must be completed within two years including any time suspended from studies. 

Students who return to their course of study will be required to agree to the Conditions of Enrolment for the year in which they return which will be an update to their continuing contract with WINC.

Students who suspend their studies during the academic year will be liable to pay the full course fees for that current year.

Duplicate payment

This is where an identical payment is made in error for a payment which has already been satisfied. 

The student will be made aware of the status of their account. If there is an outstanding balance or payment due within 60 days, the student will be advised that the funds are credited to their account to satisfy the dues. If the student account is up to date, the student will usually be refunded within 30 days of the error being brought to the attention of WINC.

Transfer to Another Institution

Students who transfer to another institution during the academic year will be liable to pay course fees to WINC in accordance with this policy. WINC will not transfer all or part of any course fees to another institution under any circumstances