About WINC London

Western International College, London, was set up with the sole purpose of allowing individuals to realise their academic potential and to offer a platform to achieve quality degree programmes without having to go to University.

Our vision is to provide the highest level of innovative education and learning leading to extensive career options through an increasingly dynamic and responsive Academic suite of programmes. Students and staff will engage in a vibrant learning community in which the central focus will be Business, Management, Computing along with Health Management and Travel & Tourism. Students will be able to fluidly achieve formal and higher education qualifications through a set of attractive programmes with degree pathways easily accessible. .

University Education is currently seen as not available for all, due to escalating tuition costs, with no upper limit in sight. If this seems a dream too far for you then we can help to realise this. The College offers Higher Education which is flexible, affordable, relatable and most important achievable.

Our focus is on achieving Higher Education through an alternative means incorporating progression level by level from 3 to 7 which incorporates Bachelors and Masters. The qualifications offered have been carefully selected to ensure progression by a ‘step up’ approach and fulfil industry standards, ensuring qualifications are relevant and learning for the work place is maximised, with many transferable skills acquired, essential to succeeding and securing employment.

We focus on each individual to ensure a learning environment focussed on achievement through focus on encouragement, positivity, structured support, relevance to the workplace, skills development and the building of confidence. Our experienced and determined tutors are dedicated to ensuring you succeed in completing the selected course of study and your goals are set high.

We cater to all sectors of the community whether you are a school leaver looking to achieve academic success but put off with the burden of significant debt from University and want an environment that supports you better. If you are someone re-entering Education after a period off and want a flexible method to achieving graduate status but not sure if you can commit to three years of full time education, we can help by offering you distinct qualifications at the end of every stage allowing freedom to stop and start as meets your circumstances. We are able to assist those who have not studied for many years and are now looking for career progression but are concerned about the study skills required to learn, and the use of technology, by offering targeted support.