Your Education and Learning

Western International College is offering a unique learning environment with an inclusive approach to all, welcoming adult learners to school leavers seeking Higher Education. Our dedicated Admissions Team offer careers advice and guidance ensuring that individual career plans are kept at the forefront and a plethora of support classes are offered to ensure success. The qualifications are quality authorised ensuring students leave with a recognised qualification and transferable skills, essential for securing employment.

Class size

At western International College we strive to make higher education as accessible as possible for all sectors of our diverse community. One of the key ways in which we ensure students benefit from maximum support is through smaller class sizes of no more than 20 at the maximum threshold. We use a variety of teaching methods and encourage student learning through participation via presentations, group work etc.

Assessments and Support

Assessments are largely through assignments, which are given at the beginning of the course with draft submission and feedback opportunities. This eliminates the need for traditional style exams and gives greater control to the student. Support workshops are tailored to the needs of each class, utilising support from all areas of the College. This may include English support, assignment writing workshops, effective research mechanisms workshop, developing ICT needs, understanding plagiarism, etc.

In addition to small class sizes, you will have high contact hours and the support of a personal tutor providing a platform for direct academic contact on a one to one basis to ensure your understanding of the course and set and develop personal goals to achieve better and strive harder.


We offer multiple entry points throughout the year so that you are not restricted to a September only start. We offer full time, part time, Saturday and online study modes to ensure you can study and achieve around your commitments.

Low Tuition Fees

At Western International College, we are able to offer lower tuition fees compared to similar institutions, allowing you to gain access to top quality teaching and qualifications for an affordable price compared to that at a University.

Recognised Qualifications

All our qualifications are Ofqual registered or validated by a University, ensuring that the guarantee of standards and quality are met. Qualifications are regularly approved by the relevant awarding body to ensure relevance to the needs of employers, technology advances and general world changes are incorporated.