Reasons to Study in London

London is one of the greatest, most popular, diverse and welcoming cities in the world. People from all over the world visit us to see the amazing way in which modern cosmopolitan life is lived out, a mish mash of cultures all flowing simultaneously, the freedom to be and be accepted with wonderful opportunities.

Living in London and immersing yourself in all that it has to offer is an experience and opportunity in itself. But to persuade you further and to realise its potential, we list some of the reasons :

Centre of Excellence for Education

London has a history of Education with some of the best and most diverse educational establishments in the world. It is a city equipped to accommodate your educational needs through its vast array of libraries, support networks and businesses which could all aid your learning and present opportunities for development in personal and academic growth. The British Library alone has over 150 million books with millions more added each year.

You will never be bored

As a bustling city, London has it all. There are bars, pubs, restaurants galore. A vibrant young community of students across the diverse range of educational establishments, state of the art galleries and museums, parks, specialist libraries, an excellent transport system, Over 350 music venues. Opportunities to meet almost all nations of the world represented through their food, their interests, specialist activities. There are also hundreds of student societies and clubs in London where you can meet new people and enjoy your favourite activities.


The transport network is very good with trains, tubes, trams, buses and cycle lanes. The density of London means most journeys are possible by foot. Being a major city the availability of finding accessible travel at all times is a bonus meaning you are never caught out. 24 hour buses ensure a night out rarely requires a taxi. The recent addition of 24 hour tube services has made travelling around even more accessible. If all else fails, get a bicycle and cycle around.


A very important benefit of the city for students, is the power of London to connect people; even in a globalised world there is still little substitute for proximity. Studying in London will give you the opportunity to meet a wide range of professionals, both on your course and in your chosen field. This will require some effort on your part but making the right contacts could boost your career prospects. London's status as a world city means employers, choose to locate their headquarters in London. Many of these employers provide opportunities such as networking events and interview training, in addition work experience and graduate schemes are all available within the city.