Student Facilities

There are a wide range of facilities on offer at the College to aid learning and provide support.

Computer and Internet Facilities

Western International College has dedicated computing facilities for staff and students. Hi-Speed broadband connections and free wifi access is available for all.


WINC has its own inclusive library, with all the materials and books needed for the courses offered. Borrowing facilities are available as are reference materials. Arrangements are coming into place for students to access online books from anywhere, through personalised accounts. There are a number of specialist libraries within London that students can utilise, particularly for research and referencing, along with many local libraries.

Teaching Facilities and Resources

All classrooms are equipped with whiteboards, overhead projectors, multimedia projectors as a basic requirement of facilities. Students have access to a wide range of other facilities including laptops, cameras and printers to facilitate interactive learning.

Students have access to photocopying and printing services.

Student Cafe

Our location is within walking distance of the local train station and retail park, which holds a number of fast food restaurants and supermarkets.

Within the offices we occupy a purpose built cafe is present, at reasonable costs, with extensive opening hours. A kitchenette is also available within the premises with hot water and microwave services.

Support Classes

Students looking to enhance skills in areas such as ICT, English, Essay Writing, Improve Study Skills and other specialist skills can join workshops at no extra cost. There will be tailor made classes run to support the needs of students as groups and perhaps even individually.

Careers Advice

Students are given extensive advice on their choice of course and the options following it, including academic and work related. We have invited local professionals to talk about the types of employees they are on the lookout for and what skills are essential to bring into specific work places.