Academic Vision

Our vision is to provide the highest level of innovative education and learning leading to extensive career options through an increasingly dynamic and responsive Academic suite of programmes. Students and staff will engage in a vibrant learning community in which its central focus will be Business, Management, Computing along with Health Management and Travel & Tourism. Students will be able to fluidly achieve formal and higher education qualifications through a set of attractive programmes with degree pathways easily accessible. We seek to redefine the learners' experience of a college education. Our curriculum will encourage individual learners to flourish, amidst an inclusive and diverse learning community. Our partnerships are developed and our resources are targeted to achieve our vision. We value all of our staff and recognise that the mission of the college will be realised through their commitment, expertise and efforts.

Mission Statement

We will deliver approved qualifications for Higher Education leading to degree programmes, at cost effective prices, making degree’s more accessible. Success orientated approach for each student achieved by creating flexible learning opportunities, focused delivery, comprehensive academic support and personalised outreach efforts to serve its student and staff community.